'summer on the go': our favorite summer gifts

planes, trains, and automobiles… wherever travel takes you this summer, you won’t want to take off without our favorite summer gifts. bonus: all of these summer gifts fit in your purse, for the girl on the go. 

you can now pack all your fave products without stressing about tsa guidelines and/or having enough room in your suitcase. the high-fiver has space for 5 skincare products at once and is literally the best. invention. ever. 

it’s summer friday season in nyc, so we’ve decided to trade our lunchers for snackers. their compact size is perfect for beach day treats or bring your own airplane snacks. plus, vegan leather so we’re saving the planet too. use code ‘blankbox’ for 15% off!

we’ve all been there: by the time you get to where you’re going, your makeup has worn off. problem: solved. just before you pull up, whip out your dualist multitasker to hide what you want + highlight what you want. problem: solved!

shout out to our girl @calynbrooke to telling us about these. now you can have that pinot in-flight or mid-party without worrying about purple-ing your pearly whites.complete with compact case with built-in mirror. added bonus: they make them for coffee too (!)

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