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carrie berk: gen z author, influencer + no bully ambassador

carrie berk is far more than your average sixteen year old… she would certainly put our sixteen year old selves to shame that’s for sure [don’t act like you weren’t addicted to spray tanning and beverly hills 90210 when you were 16] . carrie has been busy in a…different way. she’s authored more than 21 books, has 106,000+ loyal instagram followers  and hosts a popular fashion blog. she’s more than just one of our women to watch….she’s THE woman to read [and follow]! 

you’re only 16 years old have accomplished so much. how did your career as a writer and influencer start? how old were you?


i have loved to write ever since i was eight years old! i specifically was captivated by the idea that i could infuse real-life themes into fictional scenarios in order to project a message to my audience. i decided to become an influencer after launching my style empowerment website, carrie’s chronicles, in 2017 because i thought that social media was a great way for me to further spread a message of inclusivity, positivity, and unapologetic individuality.


most of your books you co-authored with your mom. tell us about that process. any plans to solo-author a book in the future?


we start off by brainstorming, just jotting down some notes with a pen on paper. then we chat about the general arc of the novel, although we often change the plot as we progress. we usually alternate writing chapters and go back and forth editing each other’s work. once we have a completed first draft, my mom prints it out and i mark it up with a bright red pen. after going through that process multiple times, we receive galleys in the mail, which are giant sheets of paper that have two pages of the book on them. at this stage, we can only make emergency edits. finally, we receive an advanced reading copy in the mail, which looks just like the actual book but it’s not available to the public yet. and yes, i would love to write a ya novel of my own and have some ideas i’m working on!


how has your writing/genre evolved since you wrote your first book? what’re your favorite topics to write about?


i’ve always loved to use my writing to call attention to bullying. it is extremely rampant among today’s teens and tweens, so i like to show the impact it may have on someone, why it’s important to think and choose kindness before you say or post anything. my most recent book series, ask emma, is my first series that shines a light on cyberbullying. as a social media influencer, this is something i frequently experience personally, and i wanted to capture that emotion through emma’s eyes.


your blog, carrie’s chronicles, is one of your more recent endeavors – tell us about the inspiration behind the blog and how you see it evolving over the next few years.


my peers used to bully me because i didn’t want to dress like everyone else—i love my bold sense of style but my classmates would tell me my glitter sneakers were too “out there!” over time, i recognized that my style is my superpower, and there’s nothing more beautiful than being your authentic self. over the next few years, i aim to continue writing articles that hopefully inspire others and expand my site’s reach to a larger audience. 

you have 75k+ instagram followers. what’s your favorite part about having this platform? least favorite?


producing content that makes people smile is definitely my favorite part! my least favorite part is the occasional cyberbullying and hate messages i get. i’ve learned to just shake it off and try to not let it faze me. 


talk to us about your work as a no bully ambassador.


i help no bully on their mission to teach people, especially kids, to practice kindness and empathy toward each other. recently, i wrote the script for their public service announcement video called “girls against bullying,” showing how teens and tweens have a responsibility to empower each other instead of tear each other down. 


where is the coolest place you’ve traveled for work? why?


i was on the boys of summer tour this past summer in los angeles and san francisco and it was amazing! i loved meeting so many fellow influencers and fans. plus, blasting music on the tour bus in the middle of the night was a lot of fun! truly one of the best experiences of my life.


how do you balance school, friends, and such a robust career at your age? do you ever get tired and just want to ‘be a kid’?


i am so thankful for all the amazing opportunities i’ve had, i wouldn’t change anything for the world. plus, i’ve made so many amazing friends in the industry that i’ve had an amazing time with!


we feel kind of silly asking this since you already have such a big career, but what do you want to be when you grow up?


i would love to be the editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine like vogue!


what’re some upcoming projects we should look out for?


ask emma: boy trouble comes out this fall! i am also launching a carrie’s chronicles merch line in september, so stay tuned!

do you think it’s weird for a 28 year old to start reading ask emma and the cupcake club in public? asking for a friend… 

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