the fill: introducing fill fridays

blankbox founders gabi koshgarian catherine wang

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Whether you’re a baby founder like us or a seasoned veteran in the #entrepreneurlifestyle, we’re always looking to learn from the founders who came before us. If you’ve read THE FILL before, you know our goal is to FILL [get it] your brain and inbox with content you actually want, whether it’s a female founder feature with tangible takeaways and life lessons learned from real female founders or a curated gift guide for #giftspo for your next gifting moment [shameless plug…they all fit in a blankbox].

For THE FILL in january, we interviewed two certified crazy people who decided to launch a business a year and a half ago, entirely self funded and with “day jobs” as the COOs of their respective companies: ourselves. read our feature here.

Something unexpected happened when we released THE FILL featuring ourselves: we got the highest readership we’ve ever had! This isn’t a thinly veiled #humblebrag, we were genuinely shocked that so many people cared what we had to say considering we’ve featured some badass, accomplished female founders like michelle cordeiro grant of lively,  cate luzio of luminary,  jackie courtney of nearly newlywedrebecca minkoff, divya gugnani of wander beautyrobyn davidson of byrobynblairneha govindraj of glowbarkristen tomlan of doeliz + dale from sweats + the city,  candace ourisman + ashley bronczek of secretly gifting,  kate westad of palette by pak + ali kaminetsky of modern picnic. it turns out there’s a market for how to launch a successful side hustle [while  working a 9-5, lol we wish], how to self fund your business [while living in NYC], how to take a business from idea to launch [hint: it’s not as hard as you think], + all the highs and lows and lessons learned we’ve had along the way.

Once we got over the initial shock [and making sure it wasn’t just our moms clicking on the fill 100x / minute to increase our page views] we knew we had to do something. to we created…drum roll please… FILL FRIDAY! you’re now going to start hearing from (on fridays, obvi) that include our own incessant ramblings [aka blog posts] about our own experiences as NYC-based female founders with a self-funded side hustle that we feel people can learn from, things that inspire us, fun announcements, and more. 

with love, gabi + catherine, blankbox cofounders

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