the fill

staying sane with social distancing + how you can help your mind, body, soul + community

so much of life right now is what we can’t do, so in the absence of so many little slices of “normal” we put together some things that are keeping us sane in mind, body + soul during social distancing, and ways you can give back to the communities around you. 

for you: let’s start here. as they say, you can’t pour from an empty cup

for your mind:  for patience, positivity + a little extra peace 

peace of mind: we’re loving the guided meditations on headspace app, melissawoodhealth, or just whip out that ‘calm the f*ck down’ adult coloring book you got as a white elephant exchange gift three-years ago and still haven’t cracked open. whatever it is, take time out as part of every day [we love first thing in the morning post coffee + reading] to give your mind a little break. [psa: practicing patience is also key when cooped up with your significant other, family or a handful of kids].

READ: if you use the hashtag #bookrecommendation on instagram, tons of amazing book recs come up! Funny enough they all pair nicely with a glass of wine…or two. you can also start or take part in a virtual book club with friends or strangers #socialdistancing style.

on our lists: gabi – just read ‘in five years’ by rebecca serle. Loved it [+ she’s from new york city!] but this was a break from my typical thrillers. currently reading ‘a good girl’s guide to murder’ ; Catherine – before the fall by noah hawley 

*dm us for more – we have SO many! 

for your body: gyms are closed but summer is still around the corner. step away from the quarantine snacks + get moving! [side note: daily movement has been keeping us sane].

workouts we love:

peloton digital: not only for people who can afford a bike or tread! their app includes hundreds (maybe even thousands, but we’re too lazy to count) of on demand workouts that require or can be modified to body-weight only + they just extended their free trial for a digital membership to 90 days!!! our go-to instructor: olivia amato  

melissa wood health: we both use this one and we are obsessed: good for mind, body + soul. she has a weekly workout schedule you can follow that switches it up for you + a 7-day free trial [and a monthly cost of what you’d pay for your afternoon coffee + snack if you were still going to the office]. 

Obe fitness: they have a free month with code ATHOME and have an array of workouts from dance cardio (meredith and christina style…IYKYK] to strength classes, define / sculpt [pilates, barre + small movements] to gabi’s new arch nemesis: 28 minute HIIT class. If you live across from 19 dutch + have binoculars…you’re welcome. 

++ so many more that we’ve yet to try so we’ll defer to the experts on this one (aka the fill female founder features elizabeth endres + dale borchiver of sweats and the city). check out their comprehensive list of at home workout options here. 

staying healthy: 

we recently started using the Wellory app, and it’s been a GAME CHANGER during this self quarantine when it’s tempting to binge eat all the snacks you bought for the next 2 months. you’re paired with a nutritionist via text, who you then communicate with daily [and yes, it’s a real person on the other end who really knows what she’s talking about]. your nutritionist can give you recipe ideas, answer questions and keep you accountable as much as you want. [and like MWH, the monthly cost is less than you’d be spending on that daily starbucks habit…guilty] Bonus: it’s female founded! Use code GABI for 15% off. 

for your soul: some things we’re loving during quiet quarantine moments

write: people are all trying to create a new normal right now, and hearing about your experiences will help more people than you think! Write about what you think, what you feel and what’s keeping you sane [kinda like we’re doing right now]. Write what you’re grateful for, and maybe a few things you took for granted that you never will again [morning commute + coffee or not listening to your S.O on calls for 3 straight hours…just some of ours]. we love the five minute journal.  


you time: you don’t realize how many tiny breaks you take during the work day until you WFH, whether it’s chatting with a coworker for a minute, grabbing a coffee or just taking a few minute sanity break in your favorite bathroom stall [preventing workplace violence since ‘nam].make sure you take those breaks while WFH. take a walk [while practicing social distancing], get up and make a coffee and drink it somewhere other than your designated work space or if you’re REALLY ambitious, take a midday candelit bath. cocktails acceptable [and encouraged]. 

for your community: many americans, especially new yorkers, are struggling right now. not everyone has a paycheck to fall back on, or a school lunch to rely on. if you’re in a position to give back, please do. we’re donating 25 meals per box sold until april 15th, so shop now if you want to make someone’s day with a thoughtful blankbox + give back at the same time!

below are various ways you can help small businesses and families in your community (some of them are free). pick one + give back.

donate dollars or non-perishables to a local food bank, community shelter, or church. buzzfeed put together a list of organizations nationwide who are helping. 

NYc friends: check out masks4medicine to see how you can help get much needed masks + other hospital supplies to our healthcare heroes! 

shop small businesses: we all have our favorite independent bookstore [we love mcnally jackson] + favorite brow place [we love bespoke brows] – buy gift cards you’ll use later to support them right now. you can also shop small businesses who are giving back: we’re we’re contributing funds for 25 meals for each blankbox sold to food bank nyc [+ we’re not the only ones]. 

*on this note, if you’re ordering delivery, order directly from your favorite restaurant + tip extra. like we said, you’re skipping the $5 latte. 

edit down your life: you’re spending way more time at home than normal and covid-19 is going to impact many families long after the lockdown is lifted. 

You know those items in your closet you’ve been promising yourself you’ll wear one day, just not today? Yeah, it’s not happening. Donate! fill a bag for big brother big sister or salvation army or housingworks, or if you want to sell certain items use thredup or therealreal. thredup will also take care of the donation for you. 

same thing goes for housewares/toys you’ve been neglecting. if you haven’t used it during a month long wfh shift, we promise someone else needs it more than you do. that’s right we said it – you don’t need 10 pans if you order in every night [even when covid-19 isn’t happening] and can barely make scrambled eggs. You know who you are [and we’re with you honestly].