let us make your branded gifting chic, custom + convenient.

whether you’re gifting products, swag or a bottle of wine, our ready-to-gift custom gift boxes are the elevated gift packaging that makes thoughtful gifting easy for you + memorable for clients, customers, employees, influencers + investors!


create an elevated gifting experience, customized to your brand.

make a memorable first [and lasting] impression for clients, customers, employees, influencers and investors with blankbox. send your gifts with our ready-to-gift, high quality packaging, fully customized to your brand. 

we give you the gift packaging + you fill with gifts they actually want.

we send you the chic, custom + convenient gift packaging…without the gift. why? our mission is to make thoughtful gifting easier for you + memorable for them. that means letting you choose what goes inside. whether it’s products, swag or a bottle of wine, blankbox fits it all. 

influencer gifting made chic, custom + convenient.

we give you the elevated packaging, customized to your brand [you won’t find any visible blankbox branding on our box]. add your favorite products + write your personal note on our blank card for a memorable [and instagrammable] unboxing experience. 

best part? blankbox is designed to be kept as decor, storage or a re-gift box,
so you'll stay memorable long after the gifting is over.

let's get started!

give us the basics on what you want below and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

corporate gifting holiday gifting custom corporate gift boxes

p.s. we do events!

out with the swag bag, in with the swag box! let us help you #makeamoment and everlasting impression with our custom gift boxes for events, filled with products of your choice. greet your guests with extra personal touch, and they can keep their blankbox as a keepsake box long after the event is over.  past events include wedding welcome gift boxes, charity event gift boxes + product launch gift boxes. 

we’d love to work with you!

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