beyond the box: our blankbox story

we created blankbox for the same reason a lot of founders create their product – we needed it! what started as wanting to give a thoughtful ‘just because’ gift soon turned into the realization that we couldn’t find chic + customizable gift packaging that made it easy to send a thoughtful gift. 

*fast forward a year* 

we created blankbox as a chic + convenient way to give a thoughtful gift: aka the first ‘ready to gift’ gift box! blankbox is about so much more than the boxes, and all about making your moments more memorable, for the big occasions + the little things. 

aside from being gift box enthusiasts, we’re best friends from college + both former finance enthusiasts [who still love a good spreadsheet]. one of our favorite experiences with blankbox has been the incredibly supportive community that’s rallied around our growing business: shout out to the female founder collective + everyone who has bought blankbox, told someone about blankbox + supported us in so many ways! 

we’d love to hear from you!

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